Kate is our 5year old Chihuahua who has been in our lives for just over a year. She didn't have the best start in life but she's coming on leaps and bounds! Here is her - very spoilt, pampered life.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Psychic Sniffing?

When I started this Dog blog, I thought it would be a way of sharing cute dog pictures and seeing even more adorable dog pictures! What I didn't expect was the amount of dogs who were so much more. Dogs with massive stories, huge personalities and the massive online community that comes with them! There are dogs with unusual talents, great skills and tricks - and some with even more. Which is what I am writing about today.

 When we first got Kate 18months ago, we took her straight round to my mums house as the "house" (hovel) we had bought her (rescued) her from was nearby. She was massively underweight and had a burn on her tail - but took immediately to my partner. (They remain un-separable now!) it was an instant connection and she seemed instantly at home with us. But hours after having her, she had an accident in mums house. She had been sitting on my Step-Fathers knee, when she started panting and jumped off and had a poop on the (white) carpet. We took this to be a nervousness, and an accident whilst she was settling. 

 However - when she met my biological Dad a several months later, she did the same thing. We thought it may have been a male thing (we are two girls living together) and wondered if her past treatment was at the hand of males, but then she was voluntarily sitting on their laps and licking them constantly. 

 It is only looking back with hindsight that we look at this with other meaning - both my step father and biological father were diagnosed with Cancer last year, and both unfortunately lost their battles with months of meeting Kate. I have heard of dogs sniffing out cancer before - has anyone had any first hand experience of this? 

 I know Kate is very in tune with myself and my partner - as is Del (adventuresofdel.blogspot.co.uk) I am disabled and when I have bad days they are both more gentle and more affectionate then normal - which is especially welcome with Del given he is HUGE and HEAVY! Not so bad is a 2k dog jumps up.. 75k is another matter!!!  

And just cos its cute.. Here is my Dad and Kate the weekend they met. :-) 

She looks even smaller than normal next to his giant frame! 

Adventuresofdel@blogspot.co.uk - on a good day not being as gentle as he has to be... Sitting on me.. ! 

@Adventuresofdel.blogst.com with me On a bad day sitting calmly next to me as I do some lead training with him. :-) very clever pooches they both are! 

And Kate being gentle with me. :-) not that she really needs to be but the thought is sweet..! 

Do any of you have very intune / skilled pooched? Would love to hear more stories from all of you!!!!